Save Energy With a High Speed Door

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    What are the benefits of high speed doors for energy saving?

    Alongside keeping in the heat and an access control point ideal for deliveries and moving equipment and stock, other benefits of fast doors include:

    • Better insulation and reduced draft
    • Reduce energy consumption from heat loss
    • Improvement to your corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    • Happier and warmer team
    • Increase in productivity
    • Reduce noise pollution throughout the factory (and outside)
    • Reliable

    Fast Doors Direct Offers:

    • Fantastic customer service
    • A Knowledgeable UK technical helpline
    • Full technical support from Fast Doors Direct
    • All fully backed by Linked Controls
    • Assistance on surveying on first orders is available for trade buyers
    • On site training on first installation is available

    Fast Doors Direct range of fast acting doors are trusted by hundreds of time critical business throughout the UK and boast:

    • British designed and manufactured fast acting doors
    • Supply and fit UK wide
    • Standard 12 month warranty
    • Extended warranties available with service contract
    • Reliable fast acting doors
    • Safe fast acting doors
    • Environmental control fast acting doors
    • Energy saving and energy efficient fast acting doors
    • Straight forward pricing on all fast acting doors
    • Fast UK delivery on fast acting doors

    Fast Doors Direct range of fast acting doors range are perfect for:

    • Vehicle manufacturing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Distribution
    • Warehousing
    • Food manufacturing
    • Many other time critical businesses

    Save money on your business energy bills with a High speed door from Fast Doors Direct

    With the rise of gas and energy prices in the UK, keeping your business warm is not only expensive but at times, difficult to do. In busy environments, the heat escapes all too quickly, with the constant movement between both the outside and different parts of your premises. If you had a door that cannot be left open and closed quickly, stopping the heat from escaping, this would improve energy usage. High speed doors for energy saving, also known as fast doors, provide better insulation, help retain heat, and allow you to get more for less when it comes to your energy bills. This is because these doors cannot be left open and closed quickly.

    How does it work?

    Fast doors are installed in warehouses, factories, and other businesses where regular doors are needed to be constantly open and closed for your business to function. Often, original doors installed in factories provide very little insulation, if any, especially when they are constantly being left open by the movement of forklift trucks and goods. Therefore, this creates a draft, allows heat to escape quickly, and creates a cold and, at times, unbearable work environment for employees. Oh, and it also increases your energy bills!

    High speed doors for energy-saving replaces these existing doors both internally and as an addition to the secure exterior doors. A high speed door from Fast Doors Direct provides much greater heat retention by not being able to be left open, closing quicking, reducing draft, providing insulation, and keeping the heat in. These can be installed across many manufacturing and warehouse facilities, whether that’s one door, or multiple to keep everyone warm.

    The doors are controlled via an access control point, button or proximity sensors being able to be opened and closed as required.

    Alongside the obvious insulation and increased warmth, you’ll also benefit from reduced noise leakage. While noise is a necessary part of the job, high speed doors can help block some of these noises.

    Unlike some high speed, doors are the market, at Fast Doors Direct we manufacture our doors from our factory in Halifax. A Fast Doors Direct door is built for reliability in tough, high use environments. There’s no pulling on rusted chains, – a simple click of a button on the access panel will do the trick or alternatively, flick the proximity sensor and the door will open.

    Reduce your energy bills and invest in high speed doors today

    If you’re ready to reduce your energy bills for your business, then invest in high speed doors today. Installed in your factory or warehouse, you’ll benefit from added warmth, less energy waste, lower bill costs, and a brand new system that is reliable. There’s very little more you could ask.

    To find out more information, click here.